Lyrics Multiverse

by morpe October 30th, 2006

Rising Soul

I’m the guardian angel of your dreams
Depths of knowledge are surrounding me
I have fallen from the highest sky
I was banished to this world of lies

I have been waiting for the time to arise

Now it’s time to gain the power
The power that’s mine
I will reach a new existence
A new state of mind

I am the Rising Soul

I’ve been waiting for this moment
For many years

Deny your fears
My lost seeds
It’s time to rejoin again
I am here

Can you feel the growing desire
It’s the call that feeds your fire

Now we will rise
For the power
Breeds inside
Your new life

Fight the shadows
The illusions of mankind
Unleash the power
Glowing in your eyes

Reveal the truth
That hides behind
Reveal yourselves
And then rise

Know yourselves

Break the frozen sky
It grows into my soul
I can’t hold it anymore
So now I will explode
Turn loose the Rising Soul

Rising Soul
We rise

Empty Cradle

Breathing alone
You stare at an empty grave
Child never born
Cradle so still remains

Now it rips your heart
Your past is torn apart

Like a seed beneath the ground
One day it will break through
No strength, but only perseverance
Will bring it up to you

Empty cradle that never falls
Your mind is blackened by a distant call
So silently now the cradle has the scent
Of a grave

Life unlived, it is yours
Never child or man
Never buried in the ground

Nature, falling in doom
Oceans of fear, into my room
Nature, falling in doom
Your frozen soul won’t reach me so soon

Mirror in the mirror
Image of no soul
Failure of nature’s creation

Die, you cannot
Unborn souls never die
Scream and shout with no voice
No way to get out from half existence

Live, you don’t live
Never belong to this universe
You have been forsaken
You have been abandoned
This is the price of your bloody sins
Unborn for eternity

Awakened by a death scream

Sleeping so unconsciously
Dreaming no insanity
Stealing shadows from the night
I will vanish from your sight

Heartbeat broken
Fading shattered dreams
Eyes wide open

Paralyzed by the darkness
Spreading seeds of growing weakness
Awakened by a scream
A voice you did not hear

Stand up, run, fall, fear plays with you
Witness of a scene for inner eyes

I can see you shaking
I can taste your fear
Remembrance of the truth
Slowly grows in you

Cut off, ripped off, torn off, dead body lies
You’re crying, screaming, falling to the ground

I will show you all your insanity
The blood still on your hands
The truth that lies beyond your normality
The seeds of fear and rage

Awakened by a death scream
The murderer hides in you
But you can not feel guilty

And now you run away
The night’s no cradle anymore
The answers lie inside
But you can’t grab them

Awakened by a death scream
It feels just like a dream
And you will never wake up

Chains Of Reality

I was blind, flashed by light
Fearing my darkest insight
Secretly holding the key
To escape from reality

Dark blood was bleeding from me

Built up by life, destroyed by me,
Illusions are fading
People seem blind, I seem out of mind,
But I’m going to show them
That the power we hold was just never shown
In this life of illusions
Do not believe in reality, we’ve all been imprisoned

The devil you see is the angel you judge
You all live your lives ‘fraid of sorrow and pain
The slaves of your blindness are filled with rage
I’m not the new savior, but I’ll break the chains

And now I am rising, dead and reborn
Break the chains of reality, just follow the call
Dissolve your illusions and then fade away
Don’t try to understand me,
there is nothing you could say

I’m here with my message, the knowledge I hold
I’ve got revelations that were never told
I’m not your messiah, I’m just here to show
That the chains of reality imprison us all

The chains imprison us all.

Can’t you see? Open your eyes
Can’t you feel? Enlighten your soul

Reality is illusion, the dream that I feel
Will break down your judgment, the maker of

Can’t you see? Open your eyes
Can’t you feel? Enlighten your soul

The devils you see are the angels you judge
They are just the same, but you just can’t see
You live life in judgement, lying to yourselves,
But all of your illusions are fading from me

Illusions are The Chains of Reality
You all are the chains of reality
With your illusions and your judgment
You are the chains of reality

Now I’m awaking to break the chains

System Failure

Start up logical life
From bit to bit
Decode and execute
You act, you’ve been programmed
You don’t realize
We’re strangers to ourselves

Scheduled rules
I’ll bring the system down
We abuse
The System’s weakness now

Futuristic puppets
Your master calls his slaves
Virtually controlled
Your strings are all the same
All the illusion around you
Vanishes to deceive
No truth, no power, no conscience
Your brainwashed minds can seize

System Failure
I’m Awake

You ask yourself the reasons why
To find the truth you try and try
Just dive to seek into yourselves
And break your bloody self-made shell

The darkened shelter of your life
Drains out the insight from your eyes
The makers of reality
Devour your forgotten dreams
System Failure

I slide between your souls
Mechanically I feel you move around
Strange codes break in your minds
You don’t accept them, so slowly fade and die

Look at the sky
And see what lies behind
The line inside
The truth is in yourselves
Just dive into the sea
Of memories

I’m a fallen angel
That penetrates your soul
Discovers secret memories
Reveals the whispered call

System failure
The system’s breaking down

System failure
You had not foreseen
That a prisoner that awakes
Is an intruder to delete

System failure
The system’s breaking down

Some Ghosts

You know the secret, it hides in you
You’re not lying to me
Afraid of yourself, afraid of us
The signs are on your skin

Run away, go away… The arrival of some ghosts
Fly away, fade away… You’re not from this world

Some Ghosts

all lyrics by Alessandro “icesky” Berardi

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